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20 Sep

Did a bit of autograph hunting on the second day of Small Press Expo.

While I didn’t contribute to the first Kickstarter, I did for the Fall 2012 run and remembered this was the perfect opportunity to get things signed. Anthony Clark, Danielle Corsetto, and Aaron Diaz all had their own tables this year, so that was easy. I don’t think Emmy Cicierega came this year. A little sad, but that’s OK because I met her last year! She’s really cool!

And I got KC Green’s signature because I got confused as to which book he was in and approached him first. He corrected me, but did say he put it all together, so that meant he totally needed to sign it.

Also contributed to the third Johnny Wander book printing Kickstarter and got all three books together! Yuko and Ananth were happy to sign them for me, which was really nice even though I think I was interrupting a conversation. Then again the person they were talking to told me to go ahead, so it was probably fine. :)

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